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Let Us Make Your Mix!

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The Unofficial Mix Tape/CD Generator
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Here's the deal, you e-mail me at the e-mail address above with a title for the mix tape you would like generated. Also, be sure to include whether you would like it to be in CD form, or Cassette Tape form (as the list will vary length wise). Then the team of hardworking minions I've approved will get to work on your requests, posting the mixes in the community along with credit to the requester. See, this is inspired by Tinymixtapes.com, highly.. but more with more attention and emphasis. Have all these good ideas, but no time to follow through? Here's where you can play producer, and we'll direct your vision into a brilliant mix tape/cd for your listening pleasure. As a bonus, it gets you out there and into new/old music you may or may not have heard yet.

Official Mix Makers: Joe, Jenny, & Naomi

Want to be a mix-maker? Of course you do! We're always looking for good mix-makers to help out, so if you're interested, e-mail me at the address above, and include a tracklisting of one of your very own mixes. The only requirements are as follows: Mixes should not include the same band more than once (though different bands that include one or many of the same musicians are allowed), They should stay true to the titles suggested (though the titles are up to interperitation however you see fit), and lastly- flow is important! (This was my only real complaint toward Tinymixtapes.. submissions were highly focused on titles over actual content/music. And the idea of a mixtape IS the music of course). Other than that, have fun, and I'll get back to you as to whether you'll be a Mix Generator. Lastly, genre will not be judged.. all music is welcome and embraced here.

I will post the new Mix Makers, and list them here in the interests page. I wille send out e-mails of the requests for mixes I recieved that haven't been made to all the mix-makers. You can choose which one you'd like to do and send it back here to be posted. Doubles are welcome, but will be added in the same post. (credit will always be given where due).

Speaking of credit where it's due. This is inspired greatly by www.tinymixtapes.com, however this is not an official offshoot of it. They aren't aware of it's existence currently, and thusly don't condone it persay. But I reiterate- This is out of respect for them, this isn't to take credit for their marvelous idea.

HELP OUT! by posting this in communities, your BIO, wherever.. spread the word!