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The General Concept, and a first mix: "Indie-Folk for Ette"

Hello Everyone/Anyone, and welcome. My name is Joe Jennings, and I created this community for the sake of those with an open mind/ear. For about a year now I've been keeping close track of the mix-cds that I've created for people, because it's one of the few things I feel confident that I'm good at. I'd like to overview a few small things before it gets underway.. The reason posting access has to be granted for mix makers is because I would like to not go the way of Tiny Mix Tapes.. who's mixes have begun to lower in value. (but in all fairness, I love them, obviously, or I wouldn't be mirroring their idea). As for tracklisting.. for now, "Artist - Songtitle" is the idea; though if people would prefer it may be changed to add the Album it is found on. As this is a new community, there are no submissions currently.. so I would like to get that going fast! And for now, I will start off with a mix I have made.
Note: for the sake of those looking for the mix they'd wanted, or browsing the archive.. I would like all of the subjects of the entries to either be the title of the mix being included.. or a specific sentence that would overview whatever topic is being discussed. Thank you!

So finally.. This mix, entitled, "Indie-Folk for Ette" I created for my two bandmates, to inspire them and help them understand where I was drawing my inspiration for our band, Ette. It was probably half a year ago by now.

Indie-Folk for Ette

M. Ward - Duet for Guitars, No. 3
Fleetwood Mac - Never Going Back Again
Cat Stevens - Into White
Simon & Garfunkle - Bookends
Jim O'Rourke - Halfway to a Threeway
Donovan - Turquoise
Nick Drake - From The Morning
Drew O'Doherty - Oneway
Will Oldham - New Partner
Arab Strap - Amor Veneris
Nad Navillus - Your Good Side
Adam Green - Her Father and Her
Ette - Heather
Bright Eyes - The Big Picture
Willy Mason - Waiter at the Station
Rajiv Patel - Mountain Standard Time
Novi Split - The Risk Involved in Waking
Kind Of Like Spitting - Hoax
The Mountain Goats - California Song
The Magnetic Fields - Asleep And Dreaming
Evan Dando & Kirsty MacColl - Perfect Day (Lou Reed Cover)
The Velvet Underground & Nico - I'll Be Your Mirror
For Stars - Movies
Ben Lee - Sleepwalking
Slow Reader - Effing Exes
The Robot Ate Me - You Smile
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the lemon violin was great
ooh yeah, I knew it had a real name that I was forgetting about.
i loooove Willy Mason. M. Ward also wins points, as well as Kind of Like Spitting. Do you listen to WERS a lot on weekday mornings?
This is a Maggie-approved mix.
I stopped when they started in on their jazz program more than their indie shit. Though when I woke up one morning last month, I heard rilo kiley playing in my fathers room, and that was care of WERS. Not to mention the Chocolate Chip Pirates song.

Hate to say it, but I'm the best mix maker I know. You should join my little thing here. I've seen your mixes already so I'd definitely grant you mix maker if you wanted.. though there are still NO submissions, assholes.
The problem with the donovan song is that the harmonica is out of place to the mix. It's loud. I've been replacing it with "colours" by donovan. I suggest people try it.