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COLOR MIX... this is hard to do and not use all the generic songs (White room, Brown Eyed Girl, Purple Haze, oh wait. i did use purple haze, DAMN)

1. Elton John- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
2. Coldplay- Green Eyes
3. Ella Fitzgerald- Blue Skies
4. Joni Mitchell- Blue
5. Jimi Hendrix- Purple Haze
6. Weezer- Pink Triangle
7. Get Up Kids- Red Letter Day
8. Bright Eyes- Bowl of Oranges
9. Cream- A winter Shade of Pale (apparently Winter is now a color)
10. Simon and Garfunkle- Hazy Shade of Winter
11. Grateful Dead- Touch of Grey
12. Led Zeppelin- Black Dog
13. The Beatles- Blackbird
14. Judy Garland- Somewhere Over the Rainbow

hmm. I'm not entirely happy with this one. i feel liek i had to use songs just because they had the name of a color and not because they went with the flow. this may become a work in progress.

hey, we should figure out a way to be able to liek download these mixes from eachother.. somehow... i don't know.

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