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Jenny L's Fall/Winter Mix

I've been slacking on this, because it's been pretty dead, however.. Jenny from Chicago sent me a killer mix.. So as of now there'll be two official mix makers.. Jenny and I! I thought I'd Post Jenny's mix to start it off, and to keep this thing moving nicely. Also, if you'd like to find some good breakbeat, techno, or remixed songs.. there's a list in the comments of the previous post! Hope you enjoy! Here's Jenny:

Fall/Winter Mix: These aren't really songs that describe Fall and Winter as much as they are songs that express how Fall and Winter make me feel. I think this would be a good CD for driving down streets covered with dry leaves colored yellow and red and orange.

1. Simon and Garfunkle- Scarborough Fair
2. Etta James- At Last
3. Jack Johnson- The News
4. Radiohead- Karma Police
5. Sarah McLachlan- Blackbird (I know this is origanally by the Beatles, who i already have on this CD, but I hope it's okay because it's sung by a different artist.)
6. Allman Brothers Band- Melissa
7. Eliot Smith- Angeles
8. The Postal Service- Sleeping In
9. Norah Jones- Come Away With Me
10. The Beatles- A Day in the Life
11. Bill Withers- Aint No Sunshine When She's Gone
12. Fionna Apple- Pale September
13. The Mamas and the Papas- California Dreamin'
14. CSNY- Carry On
15. Fool's Garden- Lemon Tree
16. Frank Sinatra- Fly Me To the Moon
17. John Mayer- 3x5
18. The Smiths- Asleep
19. Phish- Anything But Me
20. Something Corporate- Wait
21. String Cheese Incident- Lands End
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